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Naturested is a Green Activities-certified company and we are committed in our operations to, among other things, increasing the environmental awareness of staff and customers, increasing the efficiency of energy and water use, and reducing the environmental impact of our operations. The brand is based on those designed for the nature program service industry environmental criteria, whose compliance and monitoring reporting we are committed to.


Naturested is also a partner of Metsähallitus, we are committed in our activities 

 to the principles of sustainable tourism.


Principles of sustainable tourism: 

1. We support the preservation of the values of the sites and promote their protection

2. We minimize the load on the environment

3. We strengthen locality

4. We promote the well-being and health produced by the destinations

5. We promote local economic growth and job creation

6. Our message together about the object's values and services

The starting point of our activities is environmental education and the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle. When operating in national parks, we pay a national park fee for each customer, which promotes the site's nature conservation work and maintains the infrastructure.  We take care of the safe implementation of nature services and instruct our customers on responsible movement in nature. We try to make the events so that arriving at the destination is also possible by public transport, we mainly serve vegetarian food and take care of waste sorting.


We cooperate with local service providers and favor Finnish small producers. We improve our customers' opportunities to increase their social, psychological and physical well-being, and we encourage people to a sustainable, active and health-promoting lifestyle. 

Naturestedin arvot toiminnassamme näkyvät sekä asiakkaille että ohjaavat omaa toimintaamme
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