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Data Protection and Registry Statement

Valid from 1 October 2021



Kaisa Koskinen

Naturested Oy

Y ID:  3233066-1

+35840 5733873


Contact person in matters concerning the register:

Kaisa Koskinen

+35840 5733873


Register name:

Naturested website customer register


Purpose of personal data processing:

Personal data is processed for the maintenance and care of our customers' customer relationships, such as the contacts and direct marketing required by the customer relationship. The customer has the right to prohibit the use of personal information for direct marketing.


Data content of the register

The following information is stored in the register:

- Customer's first and last name

- Place of residence

- Phone number

- Information about marketing permits and prohibitions as well as reservations and messages made by the customer

- About possible discounts such as campaign codes


Regular sources of information

Reservations or inquiries received from the customer himself by phone, email or through the chat window.


Regular transfers of information

The information is only used to manage customer relations and is not regularly passed on to an outside party. However, information can be disclosed in connection with activities related to the technical administration of the website, to collect unpaid invoices, and to the authorities when required and permitted by law.


Principles of registry protection

The customer register is treated confidentially. The register is properly protected from outsiders with firewalls and other technical means of protection. The register is kept only in electronic form and random paper printouts are destroyed immediately and properly. The register is used only by a person whose job description includes its use and who is bound by a duty of confidentiality. 


The customer's right of inspection

According to the Personal Data Act, every customer has the right to check what information about him has been stored in the personal register. The request for inspection must be sent in a hand-signed or similarly certified document. Requests should be sent to the contact person mentioned above, who will also respond to any requests for additional information.


Updating information

The customer can contact our contact person mentioned above to update their information.


Other rights related to the processing of personal data

The customer has the right to refuse the processing of his data for marketing purposes. The request regarding the restriction of data processing must be submitted by e-mail to the registry's contact person.



We try to settle any disagreements regarding your reservation primarily by agreement, so please contact the contact person Kaisa Koskiinen first to settle the matter. If the disagreement cannot be resolved through negotiations between the parties, the consumer can refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board. Before taking the case to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer must contact the magistrates' consumer advisory service (

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