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 The Story of Naturested 

Humans have always been a part of nature.  Current digitalization, hectic lifestyle and Urbanization drive us further and further away from nature. That's why practicing forest bathing right now is more important than ever.


One November evening in 2018, I read an article about forest bathing, or Shinrin-Yoku forest therapy, which is very popular in Japan. Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, is a method from Japan dating back to the 1980s.The studied well-being effects of the method piqued my interest, because I myself have strongly experienced the good effect of nature almost my entire life. For me, nature is a place where I feel that I am myself. You can go to nature even when you are stressed or tired. You always get answers, tranquility, energy, joy and peace from nature.

Enthusiastic about forest bathing, I started studying more about the subject and deepened my knowledge about forest bathing and forest therapy, environmental education and nature-based well-being. In the fall of 2019, I was able to travel to Japan and my enthusiasm for forest bathing deepened even more. After jumping into the world of forest bathing, I felt a great desire to tell others about it, because it really works!


Since childhood, I have moved a lot in forests and felt the nature around me. It was only after years of living abroad that I began to understand the uniqueness of Finnish nature.


An understanding of the uniqueness of Finnish nature, an interest in nature-based well-being and a desire to help people lead a happy and sustainable lifestyle sparked the fire to start my own company. This is how Naturested was born. 



Naturested-yrityksen tarina ja perustaja
Naturested metsäkylpyohjaaja, ympäristök

Missiona helps people find balance with themselves and nature

Naturested is a company focused on nature-based well-being, which aims to promote people's overall well-being and strengthen people's relationship with nature.


Naturested specializes in comprehensively relaxing mind and body guided forest baths and multi-purpose wellness lectures. 


 The positive feedback received from customers about forest bathing and other wellness services has strengthened the feeling that Naturested is responding to the critical challenges of this time in a digitalizing and urbanizing world.

Naturested exists so that we learn to value our own well-being and the nature around us. Forest bathing can act as a bridge to listen to yourself, find your inner fire or motivate you to move and relax in nature. 


A warm welcome to get well, learn new things and experience nature with all your senses! 

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