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Nature-based wellbeing services
and sustainable education

Naturested is an expert in sustainable wellbeing and education from Finland.

We help organization to build a happier working life with holistic and nature-based wellbeing  services  that aim at sustainable development. In addition to nature-based wellbeing services for companies, we promote environmental education.


We rely on researched information about the benefits of nature in promoting holistic well-being and strengthen the sustainable values for individuals and communities.

Vattenfall Oy

"We got everything out of the team day that was needed. Minds and bodies remained refreshed throughout the day. We can be warmly recommended to everyone who longs for refreshment in Finland's beautiful nature!" – Vattenfall Oy

Elisa Oyj

"Everything went smoothly! It was important to us to get into an environment where
we are away from work, and nature is perfect for that. We really warmly recommend Naturested to everyone who wants experienced, caring and competent guides."

– Elisa Oyj

Fluido Oy

”This was most probably the best team event that we had! The combination of mindfulness, movement and relaxation was perfect, and the team came back with refreshed minds and ready to tackle their tasks with the customers.”
– Fluido Oy

Naturested services


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The mission of Naturested

 It was June 2019 when I walked up the mountain towards the top. I had already been without a phone and any kind of contact with the "outside world" for a long time. In the mountains I felt freer than ever before, connected to nature and at the same time completely at the mercy of nature.

While climbing, I decided that when I returned home, I would finally start a company that had been my dream for a long time, through which I could help people live in balance with themselves and nature. At the same time, my company would promote sustainable society and well-being.

This is how Naturested was born. A company operating with a big heart and passion, which offers nature-based well-being and environmental education services.

I believe that positive nature experiences influence more environmentally responsible values and a more meaningful life. The base for this is created already in childhood, but it is never too late to "discover nature".


Feel free to tell us how we could help you or your organization.

A warm welcome to experience and learn about nature with Naturested. 



Kaisa Koskinen

Founder and CEO of Naturested

An expert in nature-based well-being



  • Environmental educator (Environmental specialist qualification, CYKLI)

  • Restonomi - responsible tourism and creating experiences (Haaga-Helia)

  • Sports advisor, FISAF Personal Trainer (Varala sports college)

  • Forest Bathing & Meditation Diploma Course

Naturestedin perustaja ja luontoöähtöisen- sekä kestävän hyvinvoinnin asiantuntija Kaisa K

What are nature-based wellness services?

Nature-based well-being means person's holistic well-being, which is based on the scientifically studied well-being effects of nature.


Nature-based activities improve e.g. physical condition, increases pleasure, reduces stress and improves social skills.


Nature-based wellbeing services can also contribute to improving one's own life management and self-management.


A wellbeing company Naturested's nature-oriented services include experience services for the  workplace recreation days as well as nature-oriented well-being and environmental education training for companies, schools and kindergartens.


We also hold expert talks on the themes of sustainable well-being and environmental education.


Feel free to get in touch when you are looking for a nature-based well-being expert or a program service that has been proven records to increase holistic well-being at workplaces.

Relaxation, concentration and alertness
+ 50
+ 20

The result is based on a self-assessment given to the participants, in which 35 respondents from Naturested's client company took part. 

Our customers

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Our partners

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